Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Haiku and Love for One Fallen Angel

One Fallen Angel ~be ready for new love now ~ the figure appears from dark.

Heart hears a call sound~ hoo do you sadly measure ~ calling home true love.

A past lover gave me Fragments d’un Discours Amoureaux . I think he stole the book back. If I could find it I would quote to you why love is always out of balance. The lover’s figures are merely gestures waiting for response.
It is like compost.
I met this man who makes Bio-fuel from trash. He’s franchising German plants to islands, to Shanghai, perhaps to Haiti, but that is another story.
The burning dung becomes something treasured; Rumi says to kiss the snake who guards the buried treasure. Open our hearts and kiss him to find new love.
Lover's bouquet needs the gesture of water.

notes: Roland Barthes, A Lover's Discourse really was stolen from my house but not likely from the person who gifted the book.  My translation of Rumi Harsh Evidence is not the same as Coleman Barks
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