Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fear Uncertainty Doubt Oh My

Back to basics, son is off to the Sequoia's with Uncle Jerry and the boys. I've moaned about this before,  how I miss my beta reader...  Now that the next novel is almost ready for editing, I beg anyone who reads thrillers or transgressional fiction to take a whirl at my current manuscript. Thinking of offering bribes, yes cash money.

I read this twitter conversation about FUD, or more exactly how writers but I think also our world wide economy feel overwhelmed with fear, uncertainty, and doubt. The best solution for that is to be ready. Write your plan on a yellow pad, break it down into daily chores, then execute. 

Perhaps I post a cardboard sign stating: will read your book in trade...? Anyone write literary fiction out there? Hello ~ 
"Fear uncertainty and doubt ~ oh my, no forget about it."

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