Monday, July 16, 2012

Find Your Truth

Finding Your truth

I read a number of posts about Comic-con as the celebration of nerds. Nerds are the new sexy, you know. Getting off the train in San Diego on Saturday I wished I had donned my old superwoman costume, just to scream without words that I also fit in.

We look upon each other as a label. My children are forming their own name tags; they are athletes, scholars and creative persons on a mission to find their prize  here on earth. When we look at a friend, or meet someone new, we ask them what they “do” in order to get a sense of who they are and what to call them. I’m not referring just to the politically incorrect skin color, ethnic heritage or status zip code where they originate. It is easier to give something a name, and context to not think carefully about what is inside.

I have reinvented myself a couple times in my life, by deciding to focus on a part of “me” that has ability. I've been an artist and performance poet who lived in an urban loft, I married my college sweetheart and became a business woman to support my next hat, being a single mother. Along the transformations, I was always creative, keeping journals, blogging, taking photographs, making paintings that I rarely shared with anyone, for fear it might tip the balance of the identity behind which I wore as a mask. The job circle of work partners saw me as only one thing- the leader lady who made them Be great. My children saw me as the Mother whose position was to drive, clean and arrange a fantasy, my ex-husband saw me as a pretty thing to control.

Being one thing when I give my elevator speech, “hi I’m C. G. I am Wonder Woman,” might not sound so crazy at Comic –con, an event where everyone is allowed a fantasy. Walking the talk, speaking only my own truth, every moment of my life, now that’s a challenge.

What if you hold the power to do anything, to make anything to be anything?
I believe you do already have it but just need a nudge. I’m whipping out my magic lasso and granting you four wishes, BUT, now you must do the work.

Be great today my friends, I need to get back to writing.

C. G.
Open Your Eyes and unzip all that is possible
Man Ray sculpture I really like the reflection of myself upon the glass taking the photo.

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