Monday, July 23, 2012

Golden Rules for Boys

My daughter is away in Ireland and I read an article about “The 20 things I have taught my son” and thought I might give my own take on this. Please add in the comments your advice you would offer as life lessons for boys. Feel free to be creative.
Sign in photograph above is from hiking this morning. This sign is actually twenty some feet from a very steep cliff that dives down into Laguna Canyon. In the fog this July 23rd you could not see the drop, just a sign that makes no sense. Please leave some sense for teenage boys and share.
       1.       Be kind to everyone, all the time.
2.       Smile and look people in the eye when you extend your hand
3.       Learn to manage money, save half and invest in a variety of stocks, bonds and ideas
4.       Stand up straight every time you walk through a doorway
5.       Play team sports, prepare for game day with all your body and heart, learn to lose with gracious attitude then pick up and get ready for the next game
6.       Defend the weak, the bullied, and care for animals
7.       God and country mean something in your soul; understand what this is to you personally without preaching; show you care.
8.       Apologize when you are wrong, learn from you failures because understanding our big errors and changing is being great
9.       Tell the truth, it is always easier.
10.   Find a mate who is better, kinder and smarter than you are, her genetics will be important to your children, her goodness will keep together your extended family and your mutual respect will change the world.
11.   Read, learn, get good grades in everything, try college classes you might not think are exciting, school is about digging into subjects that are different from what you know and building who you are. Education is a lifetime gift you must continue to allow yourself.
12.   Keep your body in shape, don’t put junk into your mouth or lungs it needs to last through a whole bunch of trials
13.   Random things happen –good and bad, and they all pass over like a river in the big picture
14.   Friends come easy early in life, keep them around by communicating.
15.   Don’t cheat on those you love, don’t talk trash on those you love, and for heaven’s sake if you have friends of the opposite sex don’t cross that line
16.   People at work are your team to be cultivated, they are different than family
17.   Be creative it feeds everyone around you
18.   Find your passion and work a plan, a five year plan a ten year plan
19.   Manners are always important, don’t say or do anything in public you would not want your Grandmother to see or hear.
20.   The gentleman walks on the outside of the curb to protect ladies, children and the elderly.

Also on this same trail the high security dog watering bowl. Note: pot is chained to heavy rock that you would need to carry out. Or could the rock be used to smash the chain? Do I need to add never steal because it is just mean?

I love my heels sunk in astroturf
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