Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cactus Inspiration

Cactus in Glass Bubble
Our lives become closed in a shell.
Do you long to hear the song of waves inside the shell,
or prefer the comfort of a rain umbrella, a cozy you understand the corners in the dark?
Push beyond the smooth pathway, stand on burning rocks and listen to your heart.

Cactus Glass Bubble
Succulent Scape
Feels like the great eclipse and the diamond glass cutter may shatter?
Embrace the change with a joyful center, though your inner ear balance left you.
Walk on a tightrope of gossamer, for God's sake keep your chin up above fiberglass nets.
I kneel at your courage to rise from punching one more time, your lips part, smiling.

cactus landscape bubble
Glass Ornament for dry landscape
The desert only gets too much rain one day or smoke and fire.
It is the days in-between when you hike and work and go longer than ever before.
The word count, the chin ups, the hands shred to exposed muscle.
Then know you have done every inch of great.

miniature cactus
Mini moonscape

Caroline Gerardo Copyright 2012
To make these ornament bubbles all you need is
 a couple tablespoons sand for the bottom, pebbles,
small succulents and water once a week.
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