Thursday, July 5, 2012

Love Ready Haiku

Roots of Past
" Mon coeur ne vous quitta jamais une seconde,

et je suis, et serai jusque dans l'autre monde,

celui qui vous aima, sans mesure..."

Haiku for broken ~  
heal a heart with time and joy~  
laugh at soggy past.

Window Panes Repaired and Painted,  and Ready for Sunshine

Cyrano wears a ~  plastic nose hidden behind ~ clog heart abs of steel.
Tree Stripped of Center by Fire Survives and Grows

Look sideways upon ~
his dressing gown rippling waves ~
river wash the sand.

Horsehoes For Good Luck In Your New Life

Chanting pants on fire ~ for he is a crafty liar ~ heat forgives the fail.
Walk Bravely For You Made it Over the Burning Coals, You ARE READY.

All photographs and text are copyrighted material by Caroline Gerardo

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