Thursday, March 13, 2014

Family Jewels

Vulture Family Tree
They mate for life.
Mother went up for atrial stenosis surgery
UCLA sent her home
Some emergency...
Vultures soar on thermals with their kin
I see my tree moving away
After building a dynasty
Plucked to DNA thin.
Then Healed by time.
PTSD soldier resting on a limb.
Surrounded by almond blossoms with heady fragrance.
Perfumers’ choose frankincense, the notes sing a familiar song.
Grandma’s cologne causes sleeplessness.
I miss the girlies.
In their growth.
In their journeys.
I love them as my own
Barberries, pomegranate seeds and
chunky ruby beads repair a broken spirit.
My brother witnessed his heart on a table.
The anesthesiologist gave him remedy.
A pump kept him going.
A California condor elegy?
Find a breeding program for positivity.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Jewelry
Vulture photograph from my trip to Africa

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