Sunday, December 6, 2015

Scion Wood For Heaven Novel

trees fruit grove cut down

I wrote 69811 words towards a next novel in November. 

#Nanowrimo doesn't produce fruit that is ripe, 
now I have to prune, graft and water.
The book is unfinished. 
Next step - rough edit and outline review. Then line review.
Then speak to characters and check scene events. 
And then the revision. Next share with beta readers.

It's about life after suicide. 
A bit of heaven, finding beauty in culled wood.
I lost these photographs and had one image on my iphone4.
Accidentally today I loaded an old memory chip - and there were 
fabulous images of my youngest, our college tours of the Northwest 
and these Corot and Van Gogh (esk) images of 
this Fallawater apple orchard shorn down. 
Ever had a memory chip ghost old images layered?

Heirloom and extinct varieties of fruits are of interest to
an off the grid gardener.
Apples are not genetically replicated by seed planting.
The mother's genes partially contribute to a new tree.
Like roses - field testing takes time.
Grafting replicates an apple variety.
Cider made from this fruit is amazing.

When I was seven I was in a Johnny Appleseed play.
I was John Chapman with a pot on my head. 
If you know the title of the play, please let me know,
I can't recall.
The folk hero spread the Harrison apple.
An apple now extinct, used to make hard cider,
and applejack brandy, laced with his own versions
of Christianity and sustainability.
Prohibition ended the varieties of apples and 
many of the Native American medicinal herbs
he used to distill.

Now the trunks become sweet aroma firewood. 
Branches are beautiful in wreaths,
but the grafters waited too long. 
Did they flame up in a blaze where sparks touch heaven?
Like my current work in progress a haunting image that is part
of us - earth, fruit, life, death and joy.
Sparkler in dead chill ~ winter scion clings to heartbeat ~ we connect in veins.

Taking submissions for title ideas
The Orchard End
Caville Blanc d'hiver
White Winter Wood
Scion Wood
Scion Wood For Heaven

P.S.: Scion is not referencing the car ---
 "young shoot or twig of a plant, especially one cut for grafting or rooting as in new life."

Also welcome your thoughts.
All my heart to you.
Thank you for reading 
Copyright 2015 images Caroline Gerardo
piles of scion wood shorn

scion wood cut down grass wildflowers poem caroline gerardo

apple trees cut down

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