Sunday, December 6, 2015

Stop A Bullet

Stop a Bullet
Bullets for Allah round
After four tours says,
"One hundred magazines on the black market."


AK15 modified AK abound
No license required, 
"Buy my Korean military Brutus."


Stop bullets rebound
unwilling submission,
"Offer education and a loyal wife."


Join the song surround
Call of ManKIND,
"Understand, pray for and seek the enemy."


Caliph banner found
Rocks smash heads,
"Mecca Medina and Jerusalem are ours."


lockheed, boeing, bae, 
raytheon, eads, northrup, finmeccanica,
"gun manufacturers don't create problems."

Zealot takes your crown 
Seek solutions,
"welcome refugees, secure their future."

not bend or deviate 
Stop the bullet before wound,
"save youth before they recruit."

Poem for solutions.
What are the answers?
CVE action against ISIS, IS is not working.
Assassins Creed image licensed by 
Ubisoft as is often used for recruiting 

Be not weary and faint-hearted, crying for peace, 
when ye should be uppermost 
(Shakir, "have the upper hand") 
for Allah is with you,"

12/6/2015 Copyright Caroline Gerardo

" لا تكن بالضجر و ضعاف القلوب ، والبكاء من أجل السلام ، عندما أيها ينبغي أن تكون الأولوية ( شاكر : " لديها اليد العليا " ) إن الله معك "
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