Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Beach Stones Pounding the Keyboard

I'm working hard. 
Writing the first draft of next novel at 5:00 AM and 
getting into office early.

Sharing a couple beach photographs from each of my sister's homes.
Different views: one in Northern California and one Southern but
both have rocky shores. Below Capo Beach Road you can't see the
submerged pebbles and rounded stones; but I have bruises on my legs from the
waves pounding them. This section of Beach Road the ocean appears innocent from above,
but the sand has been eroded. This I'll save you from the purple images.

Same thing with typing each word on the keyboard...
Are you doing Nanowrimo? I'm past 12000 words for November. The
story is taking the lead, and characters waking me up at night.
All my best.
Hey check Audible in the next 9 days the mono version of reading
the Lucky Boy will be released
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