Friday, October 30, 2015

Nanowrimo Starts 1st Draft

Signed up for NaNoWriMo today. 
I wrote two drafts with this crazy method before.
My theory being- type the words and get it done.

They ask for 50000 words but that’s not a novel – a draft should be 120000+ to slash and erase down to 90000.
My target is 90000
Right now my last book, The Eco Terrorist is in submission and I’ll give it the month.
Was completing an audio version of two prior novels, but the recording is slow and it seems the best my vocals can do is two chapters a sitting. I want it to be live without much edit polishing to sound the same as when I do an actual reading. Those projects are going on a shelf.
I work full time at a demanding job, and need to support my family all by myself. This is a risky proposition to put 1600 hours into a first draft of a story I’m not so sure about. The novel is about suicide or surviving near death by choice by someone I love dearly. Going to be written in first person and will surely be dark.
I don’t believe the lady at the register of Chic fil a is reading my books (you know the sweet one who asks you if you will be fine dining with “us?”) Why do I find that smugness of sweet so offensive?
 asked me recently again why someone with such a cheerful outward appearance has a penchant for thrillers and dark topics. IF you can come up with a light hearted come back please let me know.
With this I tell you I won’t be as quick on line and probably all my fun on Pinterest will be put on hold. I still have the giant house to sell, so craft projects are only a messy daydream to be enjoyed by pinning ideas.  
Please please leave me a comment send me a paper letter as I’m going to be up at 5:15 and working for 3 hours then closing mortgages all day and back home at 7:00 to get three more hours in for 30 days. I forget about, those videos for my mortgage banking job and painting daughter’s room by myself- Until December
Update tonight 3509 words today and outline 500 and story board started
I pushed and got my ACX audible  version of The Lucky Boy finished this morning
I won't have time to promote it and do Nano

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