Saturday, October 17, 2015

Empty Nest

Grief in the plan.
Children's solo guardian: expect change.
But doesn't fit, jeans sizes small. 
Throw out expensive pair or work on body?
Dropped off my son to college four weeks ago.
I didn't cry.
Kept brave.
Days slip stolen by menopause and hackers.
Found lotto tickets never checked.
Liquor store guy says, "old- if you won they won't pay."
Book of Isaiah 65?
Don't offer food and wine to the gods...
bribery spoils luck

Fortunate to adore my children.
Guiltless give them everything.

Pack up worry ~ it weeds no garden.

Revisions on the next book finished.
Begin the next story.
Please Stop by, 
share abundance of zebra striped tomatoes.
I'll give you a bag. 
Pick the herbs you need.
Sage, basil and thyme in gemstone colors.
Just don't call me an empty nester.

Caroline Gerardo
poem October 2015
Nest in the woods

Sending your children off to fly on their own

The rail road path ahead in life

I have a photo of my two on this whale when they were toddlers. Here they are now 2015 in Santa Cruz California

Hike to the waterfall north of Big Sur

On the way  home from dropping off at college hike
Caroline Gerardo Empty Nest Poem
copyright 2015

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