Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Clouds Do Not Deliver

Morning drive to post office. I now live on a dirt road. Third visit to set up rural mail. No box at the ranch. Above is second gates into my new home.

One post lady doles out boxes. She was in today but needs to verify I can't get mail. Neighbor "Duke" says, "it's free because the U. S.  Postal Service won't drive our road."

Mail lady, "I'll check with supervisor."

Her counterpart suggests I contact the US Postmaster General for service.
Dear Megan Brennan: Glad you reduced price of stamps, please send rain.

 Left in limbo, waiting for refund checks.  Search begins for commercial post box near my office instead or relay mail from Wyoming via Pony Express.

Waiting for plumber to show between 10 and 12, scrolling the internet sitting in my car - have service at the Highway. Because there are several gates I have to sit in my car 5 miles from house for any service call. Satellite cable install window was 8:00 AM- 3:00 PM.  They showed up on second appointment of all day wait. Honey sat in car with me for company. Under old growth oaks we watch trucks speed by on the highway.

Daily the sky threatens to give a down pour but only delivers a dribble on dusty windshield. A drop blends the pine sap on the outside of the windshield. The spots don't change the corduroy lines in the dirt road behind me dredged by the Road Maintenance Gentleman.

Other projects ahead- trying to sell and trade cars for suitable four wheel drive. Bought a Subaru and looking for a Jeep Wrangler two door. Jeep Wranglers are popular.  They demand crazy prices and few are available. Car dealer acted like I'm asking to buy a Rare Barna fresco. When I said this he became angry.
"Okay so you aren't my car guy. You've never been to Pinacoteca Nazioinale."

I love those muted peach, gold, and
dusty tones mirrored in the hillsides
where I live
Barna of Siena around 1550

Next issue on yellow paper list...
Many to tackle on the road ahead.
Living off grid on a ranch joys.

Caroline Gerardo copyright May 25, 2016
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