Thursday, May 26, 2016

Honey is Gone

Moved, down sized, changed compass.

National Forest, mountains, ranches are home.

Goodbye nightly aroma of beach fires- 
pallets burning... 
Flecks touch the surf.

Visit ocean.
It's ours.

Last night a friend left.
Loss of a family member, though
you saw her as a pet.
Goodbye tides.
Farewell cosmos.
Fifteen years of love.
Nanny to my children.
Checked safety, fixed covers,
never hated or distrusted;
but she stole underpants.
We laughed with her.
Snort at Honey jokes.

Her spirit soars.  
Swim the sea.
She's not gone.

Miss dust bunny fluffer-
nutter hair in corners.
Sounds of her toenails on
the kitchen floor, no more. 
Vacuum nose sniffing
specs of dinner gone astray,
now silent.

Golden Retrievers are from Heaven
Honey is up there, running.
When you see Honey she is kind.
A dog with truest form of love.

I wish 
I gave more treats,
paw rubs, kisses and
told her more often: 
"You are the best. 
You are beautiful.
You are my sweet."
more and more...

Sun sets,
slips behind landscape.
A gold color of Honey. 
Her tail flows in the clouds.

You are ocean.
Not a dog.
You are sea.
Swim in the kelp like when
you were young. 
Ride waves with surfers and Carson.
Dive for balls.
We love you too.
See you in Heaven mermaid pup.

Caroline Gerardo copyright May 26, 2016

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