Saturday, July 23, 2016


view driving home of Roblar fire smoke
Safe From the Roblar Fire.
It's south of the ranch. 
Hundreds of Marines
and firemen dig barriers, 
drop retardant and water. 

We are in good hands.
I'm unprepared. 
Need to weed wack larger perimeter. 
Need to practice fire drills,
Need to place valuables in storage, but where is safe?
Another disaster, terrorist attack, plume of smoke. 
Stop travelling?
Stay away from crowds?
Get a gun?
Wear a bullet proof bubble?

Air quality is awful. 
Stink of burning trash,
not the joyful smell of leaves in Fall.
Smog sticks to clothing. 
Reminds of the
Inland Empire when smog was thick
they told children to stay indoors.
No air conditioning in schools.
The smell of kids sweating on linoleum
desks in a crowded classroom is close
to the aroma of air today.
No sun drying laundry.
No digging the rest of the chain link

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