Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Up-cycled Recovery

bird bath upcycled


Bird Bath got holes
name of the use gone
Time for chrysalis.
Woodpeckers hunt worms.
Sparrows steal sunflower seeds.
Add sand and compost to
iron antique up-cycled 
succulent planter sprouts.
Get back on your search
stretch those chicken wings
and fly sister.

Ivory Billed Woodpecker is Endangered there are a few out of range here
where I live. 
Phil the water truck gentleman rescued one with a broken wing. 
Phil's a cowboy who looks like he played football.  He found
a vet who coached him online how to care for this wild creature. 
The bird was released yesterday - never looked back.  
We thought the bird would not make it to fly again.
I contacted two endangered species birding groups without response. 
Wish I had taken pictures of Connie (we assumed female) 
Phil had her wrapped in newspaper and a cardboard box in the 
cab of his big yellow water rig truck. 
Bloody and in shock Connie had crazy eyes
I found grubs in my garden. We fed her meal worms, baby chicken feed 
and chicken electrolyte water. 
The bugs wriggled in wet paper towels inside Kerr jars to give him to bring home. 
She didn't eat or drink for two days. 
Recovery was slow but she got stronger.
The day we released Connie someone from this rehabilitation center called me back.

Copyright August 9 2016 Caroline Gerardo
poem and images 
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