Thursday, January 27, 2011


Ghost Image
photograph © by Caroline Gerardo


Themes: absurdity blank empty lack feeling light dark black sleep death friendship sad religion existential absurdist

What Meursault does not do?

He is not sure if she died today or yesterday

Puts Mother in an old people’s home rather than traditionally taking care of her because he claims he cannot afford to care for her.

Borrows arm band and black tie

Sleeps on the way sleepy during and after

Goes to her funeral without much planning

Doesn’t care about crying woman or coughing he dozes

Wears inappropriate clothing

Sleeps in the vigil- supposed to be awake grieving

Does not kiss Mother Goodbye

Does not greet any of the mourners

Does not act kindly to her “boyfriend “Perez who is grieving and unable to keep up

Blood red earth spilling over Maman’s casket

Happy to go home

Goes swimming

Sexual desire for Marie in water – makes “love”

Bored after sex goes to see a comedy movie

Watches the street removed stranger to the world events below

Detachment- “nothing had changed”

Washing hands compulsion about towels

Salamano beats mangy dog

Raymond talks but M. does not care

Raymond bully to revenge Arab girlfriend- hurt her


Beats girlfriend wants to trap her as a prostitute for no reason

Has M write fake letter

Marie asks, “If I loved her. I told her it didn’t mean anything.” P35

Raymond beats Arab girl

M is hungry= so apathetic

Raymond wants to go to a brothel to relieve his tension after beating exgirlfriend

M gets drunk

Raymond asks him to write a letter to hurt her M says no but does it anyways

Then they are “pals”

Makes love with Marie but doesn’t love her just likes the sex

Raymond beats the Arab girlfriend and M does not want to call the police

Salamano’s dog runs away “bastard dog”

M hears Salamano crying through the door- thinks of Maman

Boss offers M a promotion job in Parsi – “all the same to me” “people never change their lives” p41

Boss says “I had no ambition”...” I learned very quickly none of it really mattered.”p41

Marie “asked me if I wanted to marry her. I said it didn’t make any difference to me and that we could is she wanted to.” P41

He has “no way I could know about that.” P 42 she asks does he love her

Dinner Celeste’s alone old woman sits with him at random- eats fast- writes bill- writes radio programs she will listen to for the week- “robot-like” life

Salamano – “get another dog” p44

Salman got dog after his wife died who S. was not happy with to fill the loneliness he got the dog that he beats “no cure for old age” p45- M acts bored yawning always tired

Handshake- scale- no connection p46

“Funeral face” p 47 she wears white

M lies to police as witness

Arabs following Raymond

Happy p 50

Heat sun ocean- passive “I wasn’t thinkib about anything, because I was half asleep from the sun beating down on my bare head.” P55

Arabs confront the Masson punches one and knocks him face down in the water- Raymond’s has a knife- cuts Raymond- the Arabs run- arm and mouth. Masson takes Raymond to DR. Raymond goes back to the hot beach to find the Arabs. “There was nothing but sun and silence,” p 55

“Take him on man to man and give me your gun” p57- drunk and hot

“To stay or to go, it amounted to the same thing.” P57 M does not want to climb the stairs

Arab lying down laughs

Heat – shoots the guy- then 4 more

Doesn’t care about an attorney

Magistrate asks him to plead to God for forgiveness he is passive Antichrist

Dark cell

Sees Marie as beautiful and fails to tell her

Killing time p 78- withdrawals to silly details

Newspaper about Czech man who surprises his mother and sister who beat him to death


Court uncaring they analyze his lack of caring as cold-blooded intentional murderer- premeditated murder

“Emptiness of a man’s heart…becomes an abyss threatening to swallow up society.” P101

During the trial for his life he daydreams about the ice-cream vendor

Refuses chaplain refuses God

“I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world” p122

Is he stoic or stone hearted?

In the end, he is conscious of the world from which he is apart

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