Sunday, January 30, 2011

Writing from my Bird House

I have ghostwritten three novels, and hid under the name the-loanlady as a personal blog for years.

Releasing something with my own name feels like I am mowing the lawn naked. I am ready. Being ready is everything I always say.

Before I feared retribution from my employer, or distain from those who only casually know me but I was protected under a baby blanket. If a critic called it garbage, the story was not all my own and I could run from worry having been paid per word. This time around I am writing with my own voice. I am running full speed next to the freeway sometimes without spell checking as it is broken on the desktop MAC. Will I have distainful nasty critics? Yes I believe so. Will some mad stalker send me emails, I hope not.

" Writing from my Bird House"  copyright Caroline Gerardo 2011

Opening our computer to be vulnerable and public when we sit in our home is modern experience. I am ready.
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