Saturday, January 29, 2011

When I Fall In Love With a Character

"Tattoo Evil  Heart"

I am eighty percent complete of first draft of SETH, my next novel. It originally was a short story but now at 159000 words, I have some slashing to do on the next go around.

I started with this evil, psychopath who murders a young girl. Inspired by a true story close to me.

Seth is a lazy egocentric young man. I first wrote about him thinking back years ago when my house in Mount Washington was broken in to by the Night Stalker (I was not home at the time may he got in ....).  The story is about those around him who fail - who never listen- who don't step up. Then I wanted to get inside why a person would become so bad to the center. I find I have mad excuses for my imaginary guy and this too troubles me.
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