Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flannery O'Connor's House

photograph copyright Caroline Gerardo 2011

I took thirty photographs at Flannery O'Connor's childhood home in Savannah. They have completed a lovely restoration.  The house is worthwhile view into her writing. It gives a peek into her as a feisty child.
Flannery's themes of grace, sin, and violence are part of her southern Catholic upbringing.  I can relate to her southern woman Gothic writing.

“Mrs. Turpin occupied herself at night naming the classes of people. On the bottom of the heap were most colored people, not the kind she would have been if she had been one, but most of them; then next to them—not above, just away from were the white trash…but the complexity would begin to bear in on her, for some of the people with a lot of money were common and ought to be below she and Claud and some of the people who had good blood had lost their money and had to rent …Usually by the time she had fallen asleep all the classes of people were moiling and roiling around in her head, and she would dream they were all crammed together in a boxcar being ridden off to be put in a gas oven.”

Excerpt from "Revelation" by Author Flannery M. O'Connor
Great example of writing as someone might speak, but tough to pull off.
More on Flannery from The Black Cordelias
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