Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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Morning Glories taking over the chairs out back Caroline Gerardo copyright 2011
Worked last night organizing the Chapter heads of my new novel, Seth. I am still thinking about changing his name. What can I call my evil child who has ADHD, burns the house, kills the wrong girl he thought he was in love with and becomes the CEO of a public company?

Other projects on the burner: make the cover into a cartoon image. I am going to have cartoon images and put them in the “Rastobator” which is this wonderful program that creates larger graphics from small simple images. I am thinking Banksy, giant posters. Do I drop my name off the graphic for fear of city fines? Also working on convincing gela-skins to use my image as an ipad screen saver or rear cover as a universal sized plastic protector to give away at signings. If only I had unlimited budget for my creative guerrilla marketing ideas.

The office has been very slow. The more work I have in a day, correlates directly with how much I accomplish. If I am super busy, my writing is at the highest level of creativity. Why would boredom slow down the whole works?

So what ideas are you mulling around to get your work read? Do I drop my prices to allow more readers? Do I run a Facebook ad? Please go look at my Facebook book page: Toxic Assets and like me. This month’s contest is as follows:

Enter to win. “Like” my Facebook page and you will receive:

1. Opportunity to name a character in my next book after yourself or a loved, or perhaps hated one?

2. Dinner at my home in Laguna under the stars, bring your bathing suit.
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