Monday, March 21, 2011

Queen’s English Verses Mine?



I have sent the rough draft to my editor. He is so funny. He has decided to use all British accent edits. The main ones I am familiar with after living there  some many years ago. The ones I don’t care for are how they handle quotation marks. I think it is confusing. My novel has much dialogue, as did the last one. I also have dialogue broken within a sentence.


I will post some examples later.

He told me that he also fell in love with my psycho character. Then I tortured my fictional guy until the end. Editor is not half way yet and continues sending me text messages.

Example: “ why is s. baby head near dying?”  “

“Dude there is no baby dead head”

I have reverted to calling my editor, a young and dashing version of s Prince with good teeth, Dude just to push him on.

“Carry on old boy.”

I am a terrible at text messaging. Ask my children how many typos I will make in a sentence. Forgive me, I can’t see the screen – or I was driving.

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