Thursday, March 31, 2011

Submit Writing in Online Magazines

Submitting to magazines offers a mire of new information.

I have about thirty finished flash fiction pieces with photographs, and seventy poems. I thought I would submit them as a book to a small publisher, but am rethinking that process. I searched a few literary magazines, and there are thousands of online.
Many charge a "reading fee" which I believe is not worth the dime. Yes someone is going to jump on me and say, "What about the work and time the editors and staff must contribute?"
 I am going to share my thoughts, brain and time for free all in the name of art.

So looking for input on who is right for my work. I have had four say yes. I assume my batting average is good?

In no order here are reviews, magazines, online free sites to submit flash fiction, poetry and short stories. My (previous) as I call him agent said,
"C. G. don't waste time on shorts, there is no money in it."
Well he may be right but there is fun.

No answer back yet from:
WordRiot  Monkeybicycle  PANK  Sycamore  Scapegoat  Conclave   American Literary Review  34th Parallel  10000 Tons of Black Ink  20 X 20 Storyglossia
Slush Pile  Foundling  Hobart  3:A.M   Blackbird  Antioch  Los Angeles

Some sites are down, does that mean closed for business? - riddlefene

There are a couple services which will submit for you. They charge money. I don't see the advantage in paying for that either. Perhaps using heypublisher just helps one organize the submissions?  The process is simple enough. The important fact one must determine is: who or what is a match for me.

If  I had just a little time I would put up a website that is a for writers. Writers put up profiles and tasty samples then we tumble them through the questionaire process all for say $ 39.99 a month? I have to pitch that idea to someone.

INPUT ? who else

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