Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to the Routine from New York

Toxic Assets (Bank)

I am back from New York.  Sticking to my military orders, up at five and because of the time difference it is easy to be up with the waning moon.
For a break I'm sharing a couple photographs. I do not have them all organized.
That is a weekend job.
I need to take photos of the sweet peas taking over and spilling into the pool. I have not stopped to garden. I think the flowers do no mind.
"Don't be fooled by the men out front of the Empire State Building- they do not speed up the line and the movie is boring." my children posing for picture number one million and two. See how happy they appear.

This one is better we are up top.

Hand cranked elevator...

The view
Caroline Gerardo copyright 2011

keep writing every day you have 2000 more words to create wonderful sentences today kid. I would love to live in New York. Get back to work.
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