Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Sending A Message

stpat'scatheralphotograph Copyright Caroline Gerardo March 2011
see the lower left corner candle holder that popped and the fuzzy color image above, I swear it was focused by a leprechaun fixed it.

Saint Patrick’s cathedral on the walk to MOMA. We walked in to say a prayer for his holiday tomorrow. The church looks lovely. Men were buslting about with flower arrangements. Carson and Blair wandered from me and I found myself in front of St. Pat’s painting and a tiny relic of him in a Waterford cross. I am pretty tiny, but a lady half my size and wearing a beret stood close smiling.

“He’s looking wonderful today. I think he’s smiling at you.”

“Oh not at me, I said a prayer for the police officers outside for a peaceful day tomorrow.”

“Our beautiful Patrick.” The woman is clearly a regular parishioner.

At the same second the one of the green glass offering candles pops. Neither of us stood near the rack of candles. Pieces of green fall like music on the marble floor.

“See he sent you a spiritual message.”

“I think he heard me.”

She squeezed my hand and brushed the broken pieces under the rack. Before I could ask her name, she disappeared. I turned around to see both my teenagers holding arm and arm across the pews. The church is quiet, only the bustle of the workers with the flowers, a few viewers and a sprinkling of sleeping homeless are breathing softly protected from the rain.

It was my little miracle today. It is not green beer. I will not be me with glowing green lights on a headdress tomorrow. We may watch a little on 5th Avenue but Saint Patty he gave me a little special treat today. I hope he will bring you some too.
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