Friday, March 11, 2011

Fridays Wear Read and Blue

photo copyright Caroline Gerardo 2/ 2011
My third infantry Division ACU patch came in the mail yesterday. It took so long to arrive. It has been a month since I sat next to the movie star handsome Ryan in his MG. I have the Velcro piece that I am going to put on my desk.

Third Infantry Spartans, at Fort Stewart - is home of many medal of honor awards. The patch is my reminder of all those brave men women and their children. Some wear red on Friday, some wear blue, I will wear both and pray for you.

I have kept Ryan in my good night moon prayers. He slept next to me on a plane ride. He was home from the war for the weekend to visit his wife and baby. His face glowed.

I asked him about his son and he told me this story:

“I have been away on duty for ten months. I wondered how my son would react to seeing me.”

“Oh I am sure he and your wife were excited to see you.”

“Yes it was a relief. I expected him to be shy or perhaps not remember me but he ran and tackled me at the airport.”

“That must have felt wonderful.”

“It was the greatest.”

“Loyalty, duty, respect, service, honor, integrity and courage.” I recite.

“Yes he is all that.”
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