Monday, May 2, 2011

#ROW80 Happy Dance Long Winded

I am driven. I never sleep. I wrote 16911 good words this week. I have my first draft done. Allow me to relish in printing a copy. There is the sound of crumpling as I put it in a nice brown paper wrapped box, and slam it on my dining room table. Feel the earthquake from California just now, it is a whopping fat sound.
Now for what I hate, giving some copies out, reading it in paper with a red pen, and laboring over each word. It is not like blogging where I type rip roaring fast and let it fly. BUT, However, and with cheer I say: I have an editor this time. I am a little afraid of him. He is British. He is handsome in a distracting way. God please, I think he is straight.
I also worked on a poem: Preponderance of Crows.
I had two flash fiction pieces in magazines this month of May.
 Go look at Granny Magic on Sleet Magazine and Love Sonnet Gone Wrong - an  answer to Negativesucks Magazine's word prompts.

My other goals and duties:
Two interview requests.
I tweet 15 minutes a day. I enjoy reading the blogs and links. Is there a method to read while sleeping? @cgbarbeau  myself the Blondie who is similar to Chatty Cathy (I bobbed the doll's hair, and other unpleasantness)
A trip next week up to Los Angeles for a radio interview.
I went to USC Saturday. I had a grand time at the book fair.
Saw the guys from my old writing group. @Porter_Anderson wrote a GREAT post about women dominating groups, classes and touchy feely sharing stuff.
The sharing does not work with men who are trained in a different sand box. I was in a 90% male writers group. They were sharp on time and disciplined about sharing online but drank in our hour together. I saw one buddy who met us for dinner at Little Next Door ( side commercial, adore their food organic and divine ) to lure me back. 
I promise to return soon as this novel is a nice pdf and word doc for the editor hunk.
Putting my children first as my treasures.
My job at the bank has suddenly gotten busy.
I could not get my first chapter uploaded into bookcountry.
I spent thirty minutes re-trying.
 I have cover photographs - that are ready, just need
to think about image - font -

In the story, Seth uses and builds slingshots.

The image is stuck in my brain for the cover.
Do I need a handsome young male cover to sell the story? Is it obscene to think of using my son? ( The character is a psycho). My Mother thinks it is funny.
What do you think? Make him blurry?
Say something.

Pets and garden still alive.
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