Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Second Draft Lucky

Monday morning I put the words "the end" to my first draft of Lucky.

Now comes the hard work. The second draft.
Revising is more than cleaning and grammerly.
This can be slow drip torture or I can choose to have fun.
Do you hear the starting gun?
I spent nine hours last night completing mapping behaviors.
I built a storyboard for the novel. I made a couple copies to redline.
I completed a new spreadsheet.
I wrote my to do lists:

Cut frivolous description
and landscape that does not lead the narrative.
Is time line right?
 Turn it around to start in the middle of his life or ending
Do I change ending: other possible endings?
Is a psychotic person likeable?
Is there too much whining about his childhood?
Temper the violence with tenderness.
The book is dark.
 Bum fights, stealing, homeless, murder, drugs.
Can humor lighten it up? Seth’s idea of love?
Are Plot line twists working?
  Plot: a crazy young man becomes the CEO of a Chemical Company.
 Despite all the bad, evil, dumb, negative events and choices in Seth’s life he decides to work his way up the ladder and makes it.
Characters: Seth deceitful, lacking in empathy, violent, ADHD, impulsive, lacking remorse, ear problems, brain problems, inventor, tinkers, athlete, acne
Dad/Doctor a cold inward man, selfish, shallow,
Rene the Mother is in pain is gorgeous is cold and selfish cruel
Sister is not described. She is 'mushball' now. Make her whole or cut her .
Amy – willful strong beauty driven What is her motivation? 
brothers Michael Cole need direction
Girl he kills- needs a full life
Her parents grieving angry
Seth’s success and marriage, rewards, fortune business, takes a path to become the CEO
What do the characters eat? How do they smell? How do they touch? What would they buy in the grocery store today?

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