Friday, November 25, 2011

Friend Poetry

Facebook Friends

Joan Pond sent me this short poem on Facebook.
 Below is my response.

I saw the sign on the pole.

Missing sofa--- please call.

I envisioned some grand settee,

off on a journey.

Its wooden legs

... taking it cross town.

Had it been unhappy at home?

If they'd known, would therapy have helped?

Perhaps a furniture intervention.

Psychologists would say,

re-upholstering could bolster the ego.

It's sad when furniture

suddenly goes astray.
Copyright 2011 Joan Pond
Please go to Facebook to see her photograph
"I saw the sign on the pole."


Photograph is different on Facebook if you want to go look at the thread

"My Sofa"

His name was Sofa

The chenille of his mane

brushes lonely and skinny.

Wishing changes life.

A basket of granny smiths arrives

early and crunchy in the morning,

he won’t run away.
Copyright 11/24/2011 Caroline Gerardo
Please supply your response or flash fiction and join in.
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