Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turmeric Birthday Cake

Aspen Womb
Joy grows inside me.

20 years of Mom choices.

The back of the earrings lost.

The clapper located your keys.

Now I map my way.

Write your own plan well.

Unlimited by constraints of time,

the sieve between life and death.

The moment when golden light hits

Tuscan monstrosity across the canyon.

Don’t look that way-

Reach past the aspen grove dancing.

Fly upon that last single leaf towards ocean,

where slivers of seaweed touch shoulders as

swimming towards turmeric islands.

 I’ll pull if you need help.

On this birthday fly and touch the sun.

 Caroline Gerardo all rights reserved for photographs, video, flash poetry and sound
For my daughter Blair's birthday 11/26/2011
© All rights reserved Caroline Gerardo 11/26/2011
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