Monday, January 2, 2012

Diagram of Interaction, Teenage Venn

Diagram of Interaction
Caroline Gerardo
©copyright all rights reserved
Included in Bare Hands Poetry Magazine Issue III January 2011

Burned Venn Diagram by Caroline Gerardo copyright 2011

A Venn Diagram Burned on the Ends

“Call me Lauren now,” the fourteen year old removes the clips of blonde extensions in her scalp.

“What is wrong with Winny?” Jenna moves her dry curls splayed off her sequin thin neck. Jenna inspects her split ends.

“Tyler says my name, Winnifred, is ugly,” Lauren says as if Tyler is some demigod creator of the cosmos. Lauren tucks her shirt over her round belly, self consciously sitting her bottom square against the bathroom door. The girls legs cross tangle on the grid of tile floor.

“How many minutes is it since you peed on the EPT?” Jenna asks.

“You’re supposed to be counting on your phone Jenna.”

“Two minutes, is there a cross or a line? You look-” Jenna says.

“Nothing yet-”

Jenna does not reveal she too has kissed Tyler. Not with jealous arrows, merely proximity and raspberry flavored vodka, Popov, the cheapest brand propelled the particulate to connect. It went down hot as the desert after a brush fire.

Tyler said, “All the pigs get songs and the chickens aren’t allowed to squeal.” Tyler has relationships organized on flow charts. He believes himself a Greek song dividing human contact into labels for which they are not. He uses the Google website to arrange Venn Diagrams of his female friends.

Lauren dreams of being a pop singer even though she ditches choir. She cups her tongue to allow sweet caramel tones, her diaphragm ringing the cello strings of her core, “Time is up.”

“It’s negative,” Jenna holds the white plastic bar between them, “Text him.”

Lauren types on the cracked iphone keyboard unaware her number has been blocked.
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