Friday, January 6, 2012

Wash Your Ramen

Outside the House of Noodles (Photograph Title)

“Why don’t you wash your Ramen?” Mei asks.

“Package doesn’t say to-” Helen pushes sandy bangs from her indigo eyes. Orange cellophane crackles her right leg glides slimmer than the left, “vermin factories motivate cleaning?”

“Grandmother claims noodles are wax covered.”

Steam rises smelling of auburn kelp.

“Hospital gowns carry pathogens,” Helen says.

“Did your homework?” Occupational Therapist is on the pocket of Mei’s uniform.

“Yes, Newport Coast past his old house rather than driving long way around.”

“How’d feel?”

“Dull ache, 366 days since the floozy.”

“Release from lies?”

“Yes, not confined inside, I’m kayaking again to spot fulmars.”

Abandoned (photograph title)

My response to Justin's video is not a literal translation. See my video below and links to Justin's acoustic version.

This is a work of fiction.
fulmars refers to Fulmar Gulls : 
Top Ramen does not suggest washing.
Bon Iver
written by Justin DeYarmond Edison Vernon

For Caroline Smailes fiction anthology: 100 words flash fiction responding to a utube video of a favorite song
for One in Four Charity

all rights to my words, photographs and video are reserved copyright © Caroline Gerardo 2012


Abandoned       (photograph title)
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