Monday, July 28, 2014

Abandoned House

Abandoned house

We were superb.
Memory makes things grand.
Pain of stiches after croquet mallet to the head.
Tulle scratches under a First Communion dress.
Under the fruit trees sisters gorged on peaches.

We were together.
Recollect bits of time, if you can.
Children played outside when Dad was manic, waiting.
Ride a bike to work, deposit the cash before you return.
How many stray dogs did we have? four five or six?

We had joy.
Go back with yellow tinted lenses.
Put iodine in the baby oil, spit at the sun.
Catch fireflies in Kerr jars, to light the graveyard.
Pray my children adventure to remember childhood.

Caroline Gerardo
copyright  ©  2014

Abandoned house
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