Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chores On The List

Life is busy.
My daughter is away. She can be a
cyclone with her ADHD. 
Dust keeps piling. 
Chores remain. 
I was up this morning at five. 
Early summer fog disappeared. 
Sunlight starts around 5:47 AM.

"Stick to the list." I tell myself.
Time robs in bits and pieces.

I'm halfway through the revision on paper.
I read aloud at the kitchen table in the early hours,
and again at night after my work.
Doubting every adjective...

A break in the garden to water steals
an hour, just a second to pull some weeds.
The washing machine waits for me to figure out
how to repair the dogs (the little clips that spin the
big drum). Intuitively I know how to fix it. The center
agitator is pulled off. It waits for me to allocate a couple
hours to the fix. Perhaps hand washing and visits to
a Laundromat are more foolish than penning it into a schedule.
Wish I had the excess cash I once had to hire a guy.
On the weekend I rented the commercial carpet steaming machine.
"You have four hours to return it perfectly clean." The kid said.
"No problem I have only three hours to get 3400 feet of white
carpet sanitized."
He looked at me funny. A teenager at Home Depot . Probably
never lugged a fifty pound machine upstairs, certainly never
worried about getting things done efficiently, maybe never
fussed over word choice and never thought about a sentence
while the smell of bleach and carpet shampoo wafts about.

The dogs are going to stay outside more this summer. 
"You can be so happy napping in the gazebo." I told our Golden
Retriever. Her eyes understood. Her feelings bruised.
"I'm one of the children. You can keep the other dog terror in
the gazebo." I swear she was speaking in my dream last night.

This morning my son said, "Leave a list for me Mom."
I nearly cried.
I am so blessed.

Porthole in the Lighthouse

Saint Nicholas patron saint of Sailors. His head fell off.
Notice the wire structure...
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