Monday, April 11, 2016

Home Made Ginger Ale

 candy ice cream old ginger syrup bottles

Ginger root chlorine free water love.
Hidden potion store caught by iphone.
You might call it a subconscious selfie.
Aging women duck posing sans lipstick. 
Are you also obsessed with jihadist poison?
Epicurious ginger beer recipe soothes souls.
The root is poverty, shame, and gnarly inside.
Eating slowly they say coke dissolves a penny.
But not ginger beer secured in ancient bottles.
Probiotic magically changes like our prayers.
Chanting joy in my garden heals the earth.
Rain feeds wildflowers up in the canyon.
Have a sip and sing to overcome hate.

Caroline Gerardo copyright © April 11, 2016  Home Made Ginger Ale Poem
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