Friday, April 1, 2016

House Burning

Wild chicken dance.
Maui feral birds, aren't edible, neighbor speechless mess. 
Arms flap she's at my door running in circles, "house burning!"
Put down panel of glass loading in the rental.
Thick green liquid is about to go in the trunk. 
Grab tool box, "here's a crow bar, come on."
Doors locked while bacon and eggs tremble.
Fire alarm shrieks from inside the kitchen.  
Flames belly dance out of pots on the stove.
All dam doors, garage and windows secure. 
Pound out the hinge pins from patio door. 
From the plastic chair I fail without anger.

"Call 911!" I tell her. 
Eggs invisible from the outside. 
Fumes fill house, mourning doves scatter.
My iphone4 is in my car two doors down.
I smash laundry room window with the pry bar.
Icy pieces of safety glass clang. Metal scrapes the window clean.
Reach, unlock the door, sirens approach. 
Inside smoky dark I locate a fire hydrant. 
A small hand held method to end danger.
Loud male voices shout,"Who is inside?"
"Me." I'm coughing."We got it from here."
 Neighbor stands under pink blooming tree.
Dancing and muttering, "house burning."  
"No everything is okay," I say. We hug.

I pick up two of the flowers from the ground
crushed by the boots of handsome firemen, hand her one.
Perfume carried in my pocket today.
"Thanks," I say. I'm late, appointment.
 Hustle the windows for glazing repair.
Will I love neighbors when I move? 
House built of kindness and compost
Creosote rail road tie in summer sun,
community tar hangs on my day. 

Caroline Gerardo copyright April 1 2016
Not April fools - this was my morning 

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