Monday, September 5, 2011

Blood Sky Storm -- poem

Strange storms coming.

Sky speaks hemoglobin.

She manipulates hearts.

Too fragile for a man,
 girl’s first menstrual period,

go pretend bravery captain sailor,

I hear the siren song.

I see the iris of your soul.

Storms of volcanoes, rust hurricanes
and sun spots erasing states and cities power.

Keep names in alphabetical order to quell fears.

I’m thinking of building a storm cellar,

or a bomb shelter – or a nuclear plant.

Would this keep evil fairies out?

What letter are we upon-

Irene has passed then Jose and Katia.

Soothsayer says use Jose and Katia as characters,

to keep fear at bay, but she is an unreliable
narrator poking shanks in my side.

I had one of my nightmares where I can’t speak,

I can’t seem to wake up and this tree trunk sits upon my chest.

Or was I up in my nest?

Please call 911, no one can hear me.

Photographs and poetry copyright © Caroline Gerardo 8/5/ 2011 Blood Sky Storm
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