Monday, September 19, 2011

#guardianbookswap Go Global Books

The Guardian Guardian Books and the Observer have a promotion to increase literacy and have fun sharing books. The idea is modeled after Book Crossing and some other promotions. The concept is for readers to leave a book with their printed label informing the finder what- where when and why The next five weekends let's join together.

Add your photo and they will Geotag the location of the book.

Here is the link to download the label:

The label goes inside your softly used book

I am thinking that my author friends in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand... will join in the fun.

Guardian Books, The Guardian and The Observer have a marketing promotion to support the newspapers/ literacy. The promotion runs every Saturday for the next five weeks. Readers can join in and “play the game” by finding books and tweeting about it. Readers can leave their favorite book and tweet about it. Authors can leave their books or swap with others to gain visibility.

What is the benefit for authors?

Visibility marketing promotion community maybe press

How to join in:

1. Decide what book you are going to leave, if it is only an ebook you need to leave something that indicates how to download the book as in lending the book I am going to leave ten books, two each weekend. I am including a signed Charles Bukowski, a signed Chuck Palahniuk, and others I will announce/ tweet. The value of each of those two books above? $ 100- $ 200 both are first edition, both have a note to myself.

2. Download the label and print to place inside the front cover of your book

3. Tweet the hastag: #guardianookswap Author Name or a twitter handle the Title and the location of the book. You may also link a photograph

4. Example: #guardianbookswap Caroline Gerardo or @cgbarbeau, Toxic Assets, at Bank Of America Lobby Laguna Beach 9/24

5. I suggest you also tweet something about the public location (+gathering an outside reference that may join in the community)

6. Geomap Readers will treasure hunt your book hunt
don't forget to tweet the name of the author and book title

Make certain you add your own personal author information – website, twitter handle and a bookmark if you have one inside. Support fellow authors whose books you own and have enjoyed.

Add the hashtag #guardianbookswap your favorite author ( can be yourself ) the location of the book and a picture on twitter. Easy to join I will be tweeting about this, come play @cgbarbeau
If you want YOUR book included put a bitly link ( or any 301 direct link) to your book in my comments and we will start a "chain letter" your job will be to tweet the link above you with #guardianbooks and the location. If your book is only available as ebook then we will leave a  USB memory stick with a note and the label?

Rupert Murdoch when you read this please also comment so we may include you!

C. G.
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