Saturday, September 10, 2011

SEO Poets

open the safety SEO poetry
Scapegoat Review published my flash fiction piece:
 The Fall issue is out today.

poem online here
If you are one of the writers and poets included in this issue, I invite you to chat on twitter. I found two perhaps of the fellow creatives but a number are not using twitter. I hope you join me in a spirit of fun and experimentation. I see Jillian Mukavetz @blackglassmoon and Gregory Crosby @monostich and I am not certain Kiely Sweatt is @poetrybrotheles

Twitter is a medium that can be flash fiction at its finest. Tweet your best shorts. We will find something new. I am using the hashtag: #poetlines – ( credit to Al Boudreau ) this will help us find each other and invite others to join. Post your links to Scapegoat Review or other sites where your work or writing that you find is great.

caroline gerard
Poem Rose Caroline Gerardo
My name on the header is spelled Caroline Gerard, and those who know me realize my maiden name is Caroline Gerardo. I suffer from name confusion. I use my initials when spoken to ( C. G.) since I was a child. I was married to Barbeau and used the Barbeau name as C. G. Barbeau for eighteen or more years. I also have been misnamed Carolyn and Caroline Gerard. I used Gerard to sound less ethnic- a blonde girl with an ethnic name, I am no longer afraid. @cgbarbeau
I'm calling this post Poets Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) because it was so difficult to find the fifteen plus poets in this issue. Should poets make a million dollars on Twitter too?
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