Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thorny Terrorist Poem

Thorn Terrorist Poem
© copyright 2011
Caroline Gerardo

School project essay on 9-11:

My new father,

asks trust to move 3000 miles.

assures us of confidence,

and melts waxy covers.

My own father’s failings

are Grand Tetons of brutal betrayal in icy falls.

The last year trick or treat -

seventh grade, awkward in my cavernous skin.

Homemade costume Where the Wild Things.

My tail is real mink.

I rush mom for dinner, pillowcase and party.

She smiles.

Man impatient with her as well.

Only wanting my happiness mom let you fend,

-ten minutes, be right back, –your cruelty about her driving,

jealous your mom never carved pumpkins ghosts with thorns for hair.

You bark prickly again at her, she hits your BMW in the driveway,

no insurance, she writes a check for $9800,
money she didn’t have, 
50 year old cocktail waitress.

More bad advice from a terrorist.

The kitchen table with filament from above, glows on your words,

“family fidelity and your commitment to lead us,"– into hell.

Baby brother, no half’s, has your spacing in his shitty green eyes.

Will he go live in a bedouin tent and betray us?

Mom says not to talk to ourselves about past worries.

“Release superficial complaints speak to your heart held in gentle hands.”

I talk to myself in spiritual endeavor,

won't do any good to kill the man terrorist tonight.

copyright © Caroline Gerardo September 11 2011
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