Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Vireo Song


"Your fingerprints touched my life," He said. 

"My fingers burn from scratching
the diamonds underneath the ice.
You abandoned us under the lake," I answered.

A boiling pot of water whispers
cinnamon sticks to remind.
Christmas candy childhood
playing with the wisemen.
Gently touch baby Jesus
in the manger,
 taste the horehound
 in dill & thyme amber.

 I believe in Santa.
Maple syrup trees never grow tired.
They remain faithful to their charge.

Love's desire is one last opportunity.

Bell's vireo pair on the glass wall
birds diving for insects,
avoiding pinecones soaked in honey millet.
Warblers don't need crystaline sugar meth.

Male white eye ring summer grass breast
remains faithfully calling to his bride.

"Cheedle cheedle chew," he offers her.

It is a Christmas grandiflora song,
spreading hope to the woodland.
Winging sounds of sleigh bells.

Merry Christmas copyright Caroline Gerardo

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