Monday, February 15, 2016

Bee Waterfall

waterfall poem video caroline gerardo
Road trip past.

Recognize what
haunts mind.

A daylight
koi circle, as
fountains with
no font head or end
can't change.

Answer doubt
with planned fixes.
Return puppy
delphinium isn't
poison foxglove.

Reunion perfume attracts bees
light, exercise, healthy
pollen and positive self vision kicks in change.

Stray hops in car for a ride, confused and cold.
Worker male bees sleep out in open.
They dream while snoozing on flowers.

Open window fly ~ fearless soul of sweet honey ~ you can do it too.

Caroline Gerardo 2/17/2016 Copyright #haiku #poetry and #photographs

delphinium flowers poem caroline gerardo

bee poem

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