Monday, February 29, 2016

Life's A Rush

blur lake caroline gerardo
Life's A Rush  Caroline Gerardo
Day break
Life's a rush
passing lane 
robin fell from cloud
red breast signs of cheer
a greeting of spring
  boys are prettier
 digging the front garden 
What got him?
 a crow 
West Nile 
yes full
Robin poem Caroline Gerardo
saving cibachrome 
appears less sad
iphone 4 is my camera
shopping for a drone
to fly.

dart and carbon wind
speed will stabilize
high above the lake
where gnats swarm
my robin need only
open his beak
to enjoy
a fill of 

lake kaweah poem

lake kaweah poem rush caroline gerardo

lake poem
Caroline Gerardo copyright 2/29/2016   Lake Kaweah
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