Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pomegranate Seed Poem Time Out

copyright 8/13/2011 Caroline Gerardo

Time out for me at midnight. Date for death past.Stage four termites in fertile soil.
The experts wire health graphs. Life stolen seven months - it is now seventeen.
“There's nothing else to do.
Miracle you had a child."
Ask peripheral questions,
 easy anger, swift of sword.
"Do not take my everything
  blackened mold tar Umpire."
Another ring. Bell? Time out.
Shrug shoulders to children,
Who cares? Times a game.
Abandoned... I regress too.
Our Father in plastic shroud,
question DNA month before
A life is duty honor courage.
Cells membranes connected
- we all are touch and erase.
 Godot nothingness you say.
Vocation has no such path.
Physics love a connection,
regenerating a dust without
color of monarch chrysalis.
Pomegranate aril venetian 
astringent attracts termites.
Memory burn Nordic star,
 You never loved four years
Joyful toss the crematorium.
Career in Sudan.  Time out.
Soul stolen from an Arabian
mare wearing ruby blankets
her grains in my sandals are
from Aortic Sea as in glass.
Diatomite needle in my heart.
Hands touch - form the letter.

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