Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Book Tour Closing Marketing Site

photograph: Caroline Gerardo copyright 2011
In Spring Butterflies Awaken From Galled Tree

Received an email this morning that Book Tour will be closing their website on September 1st due to lack of income.

It is not a site I used with frequency, I choose to limit into six silos of marketing. For myself, I want to write seven hours a day, care for my children and work my bank job an eight-hour day. This leaves about an hour a day for marketing efforts. While I hear other authors submitting and growing in readership, I have been accurate in my assessment of how to develop as a writer. The best use of my time is in plinking on the keyboard.

Dear S Moker and all the Book Tour employees and affiliates:

I was saddened to read the email that you must close up shop. Your website is a lovely and helpful source for writers and readers. Things are tough and this is the Third Great Depression, though no politician would use such words.

I hope you will resurrect in some new format that includes ads and pay per click and some form of income for your families and those who work with and for you. At this moment, things seem dark, but push forward, in time this will bring about something good.

All my best. Hugs.

Caroline Gerardo


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