Friday, August 5, 2011

Vote on Character Name and Title Please

Taking a writing break tonight from my seven days a week. I travelled with baby in a bucket by plane last night. Tonight I have a movie event in Los Angeles and thought I might make it to Pierre Picot’s opening at Alias books, but not certain I can do both. I met all my writing goals this week. I have three more chapters to the Western and four on what I am calling “Black Orchid.” I was thinking the western would be 30000 words but enjoying it so far and it will be longer to really get to the meat of the narrative.
This door is closed tonight. I have a happy heart.

I am thinking of calling the Wyoming story "Santuary" as in a person who defends a refuge for species to balance ecological processes. A person who will do anything to favor the survival a species in an intensely managed landscape, even kill humans. 

The killer's name is also up for debate.
Please leave your input for title and name of my eco-murderer killer.

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