Friday, August 26, 2011

Solar Flares Poem

Copyright Caroline Gerardo © August 26 2011 photograph and poetry
"Self Portrait Death Mask" (photo title)

Electric Flares
I’m not afraid of sunspots and solar flares.

A warrior soul faces phonies, valkyries, and queries.

You go hide behind polypropylene umbrellas,

eating second, third grace spread on the prairie.

Lawyers say fire the guns, win a gazillion pretties.

It is not that I hesitate to unleash the A bomb,

I lived in Los Alamos as a tot,

the dust is the source of my particulate cancer.

I’m not afraid of solar flares.

Playing solitaire you swallow easy dazzle cake,

a sweet gooey duck hanging in the window.

Open birdcage with moths of psychobabble.

Unleash the pennies of the furies.

I am not afraid.

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