Monday, August 29, 2011

Proud Mom

Photo 8-28-2011 copyright Caroline Gerardo

Family Prayer

It is almost Fall
My favorite season
School starts in a week
We will fly down to California
Summer locked down in the prairie ends
I will miss the skys in Wyoming at daybreak,
Long rides on Shorty into the National Park across the river,
and I'll give Big Rainbow tomatoes (heirloom) fireworks in a basket to the neighbor.
I look forward with great anticpation to the days ahead, when my middle child attends High School.
The games we play, "what 'cha thinkin of?" when we reveal our true hearts as a team family together bind.
I anticipate with amazement Carson's soul growing as a strong oak tree sharing his spirit with earth.
I thank God for my blessings, for three children who I treasure more than I can speak.
Will the barn owl be here when we return before Halloween?
It will be fun to surf again at Monarch Beach,
and catch sunlight dancing in the foam.
My great fortune is wherever
I am with my children
and God is home.

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