Sunday, September 25, 2011

Owl Morning Wish

Baby Owl Who Fell From Nest Rescued
Caroline Gerardo

 Black fog night,

Snug morning.

Our screech owl returns every end of September.

Walk barefoot pick up the teepee toilet paper,

he laughs with me,
about the muddy rye grass
between my toes.

Dinner at Mayur,
was that last night
or just yesterday?

I didn’t speak this time about locations
and smells that remind me of you.

Things bring me center into a happy past are ephemeral.

They return like the Scops Otus habit of sitting on my gazebo.

I wish I could put him in a cage and stroke his wings gently.

The tiny ring box you gave me with metal feet.

I’de open the lid when I need courage and hear the call.

Do owls eat turmeric at sunrise?

Dandelion Wishes

Note: Owl in photograph is baby found lost from his mother who was killed. With a broken wing and weak spirit my daughter brought him to a specialized vet who was able to repair the wing and rehydrate him. He needed special care every three hours. My daughter got up and fed him as a dutiful mommy. He was released months later and returns every Fall. He is not domesticated, he hunts and really does sit on the gazebo looking for mice and bunnies.
please check here for owl calls:
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